We consider it expedient to inform you of the following:


  • Each guard and supervisor works for 12 hours every day for 6 days per week and observe one (1) day off-duty. Each guard will also observe a two (2) weeks annual leave while the Shift Supervisor will observe 21 days annual leave.


  • Our guards possess a minimum of West African School Certificate while Supervisors have a minimum educational qualification of NCE in addition to being experienced in security duties. Thus, our personnel have good command of English Language. They must pass a medical fitness test to be conducted by company physicians.


  • Each guard/supervisor is trained so as to be duly equipped with good knowledge of industrial security, fire fighting and safety regulations, basic ways of detecting bomb/terrorist and what to do in that situation.


  • We conduct on-the-job retraining of guards/supervisors quarterly to update them with new innovations in security services. However, such training could take place outside of the stipulated time if considered as such.


Security Background Checks. We undertake investigation of the background and character reliability of prospective guards before deployment. This is also to an extent extended to the referees and guarantors they provide in order to ascertain their degree of responsibility. Guards that are found wanting at anytime are dropped from our employment.